Friday, December 26, 2008

The Assessment of Lewis S Bostwick

The following were beliefs and observations of Lewis and things which he frequently commented upon. These statements do not consitute a clinical assessment of the individuals or any individual named herin. These are only my opinions from being involved with this organization for many years and through direct contact with the individuals named in this blog.

Spirit Guides: Lewis spoke frequently about beings and spirit guides which effect behavior and how one can hear their voices. Scientific investigation into the paranormal has indicated that there are truly no such things as beings or spirit guides and indeed it may be that Mr Bostwick was hearing voices in his head which were the result of Schizophrenia. Lewis listened to many of these voices and he believed that some of the lied to him and that God told him to open up the institute, 4 locations all at the same time. Lewis listened repeatedly to these voices and told people what they said to him.

Paranoid: Lewis believed that the government sent spies to look into his organization to learn about his psychic abilities and he even believed that other organizations as well sent spies to look into and steal his information. There were posters and other reading materials posted in the church and institute all over the place which stated as much. Such behavior and erratic beliefs are indicative of paranoid behavior which effect social functioning and lead many times to the isolationistic tendencies of those within the institute.

Grandiosity: Lewis believed in many things about himself including a very strong belief that he was the father of the new age movement. He spoke with absolute certainty about his psychic abilities and the chakra system and that he had magical abilities. Over and over again, Lewis believed that he was in some way very special and that his tools were so powerful that he could create earthquakes just by grounding. Other men and women of the Church even heard him speaking about how when he did something on a psychic level that things would happen. One example was in an exchange with Tom Prussing where Tom was lead to believe that Lewis could control the weather. In the middle of summer, Lewis showed Tom that he could make it rain. The coincidence between the two events however could not and was not a repeatable experience. Lewis would often say that the reason he could not do these things repeatedly was for the fact that other peoples energy was in his space which got in the way of his abilities. This however is only a rationalization, and should make one wary and deeply question the validity of his claims. It must also be noted that correlation does not equal causality.

Delusional: Lewis’s beliefs were often quite delusional. One aspect of delusions is the propensity towards magical thinking. One believes that they have magical abilities, in the case of Lewis this manifested itself as the belief that he had psychic abilities. He was thoroughly convicned of his supernatural abilities and their existence. However, a full examination of his background indicates that he used meditation to induce in others an altered state of consciousness that led to a receptivity in which men and women allowed them to adopt the deluded beliefs of Lewis. Lewis would speak about the fact that he could see auras, was clairvoyant, clairaudient and had other mystical abilities. However, many men and women who are Schizophrenic see and hear things which do not exist at all and are evident of mental aberrations. Additionally, the “Aura” lewis was speaking about was very likely the aura one sees when they are having an extreme headache, namely a migraine.
One strong belief which Lewis held onto was the fact that guilt was a womans emotion and that men did not experience guilt. However this hypothesis is flawed as it denounces the fact that both men and women experience the same range of emotions. This author was relayed the following story by another graduate who learned many facts surrounding the death of Lewis’s first wife. The two of them were driving home and evidently Lewis was quite intoxicated. As the two of them were driving they began to argue, in the heat of the argument, Lewis did something which caused Bunny to be thrown from the car and was subsequently killed. Lewis evidently loved bunny very much and if he was indeed responsible for her death, the guilt which he experienced could have been so great that he developed a means of coping with it by rationalizing that the guilt he was experiencing was not his and thus was able to move it to the back of his mind and out of his consciousness for a period of time. However, such guilt will not be suppressed for long and it will rear its head demanding attention continually until the emotional conflict within ones psyche is resolved. Evidently this suppressed guilt came out in story telling in the early women’s classes which Lewis taught. Lewis relayed pieces of the events leading up to and the subsequent actions of Bunnies death. A former student was able to piece together from the stories told to other women and from her interactions with Lewis directly that he indeed had great guilt for his actions. Could this have been the precipitating event which lead up to the eventual psychosis of Lewis or was in present prior to this?

The evidence indicates that Lewis had developed Schizophrenia possibly in his early 20’s, especially since he firmly believed that he could see things that others could not when he was a child and that he was very adept at telling the truth from a lie in another persons space.

Lewis would often react to things which were clearly not in the realm of normal thought. Evidence and observation would sugest that he experienced intense internal things which were not congruent with normal rational thoughts. Many people rationalized his behavior saying that he was reacting to the energies in other people space or the energy which was in his space. His reactions to things were often bizarre and quite intense where he would scream profanities and denigrate others for not having developed their psychic abilities well enough. Lewis would often look at someone with an intense scrutiny as a means of examination in an attempt to understand them. He would then make assumptions based on his “psychic” awareness into that person’s aura, past lives, and other forms of magical thinking.

One assumption Lewis Bostwick made was that the cause of homosexuality was ones mother/father in their space. However his assumption has proven to be flawed and indeed one that denigrates this unique human experience. Another thing which Lewis and many of his students and protégées adopted was the belief in the existence of spiritual snakes and spiders which were the cause of ones pain and suffering. However, this is merely a loose analogy and one which does not accurately represent the facts.

Magical thinking (psychic abilities), grandiosity (father of the new age movement), loose analogy (homosexuality caused by foreign energy in ones space), absolute certainty (does not and cannot exist) evidence of auditory and perhaps visual hallucinations (seeing auras) give rise to the question regarding the facts surrounding the mental stability of Lewis S Bostwick. Such charisma and certainty has led to the man becoming the founder and leader of a cult organization which subsequently has caused others to become delusional and marginalized from society at large. The evidence suggested and the observations of this author suggest that Lewis was not psychic as he so believed, but that instead he was truly suffering from Schizophrenia.

Addendum: Lewis has four (4) daughters, two by Bunny and two by Susan. His two Daughters by Bunny, Jeannie Jackson and Linda Bostwick seemed to be very stable and were active and aware of their fathers activity in the Rosecrucians in addition to their involvement with the womens side of the Rosecrucians. Jeannie and Linda show no signs of having a mental illness; indeed they both show signs of having a high level of emotional maturity. At their fathers memorial service, the spoke about his erratic behavior and how much he loved them as a child. Jeannie will forever remember him as the Easter Bunny. Both Jeannie and Linda showed no signs of delusional thinking and indeed had only taken the beginning classes of meditation, but never went through the Clairvoyant Program or any other graduate programs.
Lewis’s two other daughters, Dawn Rose and Lilly however, show signs of having emotional and behavioral problems. Although Lilly has since distanced herself from her mother and the family, Dawn rose is now a bishop and the head of part of the organization. Lilly showed signs of introspection and indeed showed even sings of not liking her father or even her own mother. Dawn Rose is showing signs of mood disorders and seems to have no backbone in being able to stand up to her own parents. She spoke about her “trancemediumship” as a problem and as something she had to deal with rather than having a distinctive problem such as depression. I suspect that both Dawn Rose and Lilly, having been exposed to two unstable parents are at risk for developing further disorders and Dawn Rose may be especially at risk for having either Schizophrenia or the Bipolar Disorder.

Addendum II: After careful consideration, I am convinced that Lewis suffered from undiagnosed/assessed Bipolar I disorder. He showed unstable moods more often than a continual level of unstable mental processing. From my observations Lewis regularly was in an elevated mood state or Hypomania. I suspect that when he tripped and went higher, he became delusional and started going off on his own whims rather than thinking clearly. Consistent with the problems he faced, he was disorganized, often grandiose and delusional on a regular basis.

My Assessment of Lewis S Bostwick

Axis 1: Bipolar 1
Axis 2: Schizotypal Personality Disorder
Axis 3: Lung Cancer, Prednisone Treatment, Obesity
Axis 4: Widower, Later Remarried
Axis 5: GAF 30 (lifetime)


  1. Are you aware that Lily and Rose are the names of the twins in The Magus by John Fowles? Maybe Bostwick fancied himself The Magus?

    I'm always suspicious of parents who give their kids names from literature that obviously reflect their OWN thwarted desire to feel special. (aka my dad's mother and my mother)

  2. I didn't know Lewis or have anything to do with him. However, to have an entire site dedicated to destroying someone who is dead, seems sad some how. I hope that you will learn to forgive and forget as I would hope you will suggest to your future patients.

  3. The beautiful thing about any of BPI teachings is they teach you the very tool needed to remove brainwashing.

  4. Some might say that you need to forgive, some to just simply forget. However, life and resolution to things which occured in our past are not so easily reconciled. It takes time and one needs to go through a lot of levels of feelings before one is able to even come close to forgiving.

    I personally will never forgive Lewis for what he did. He knew what he was doing and he did it deliberately to people. He acted as though he was God, or at least some pretty powerful being with some right to play with other peoples minds. I still have a lot of anger at being duped, decieved, manipulated and on some levels spiritually abused by someone I trusted.

    The anger and rage diminish over time, and there is a peace and calm that comes from a full understanding and reframing ones experiences, but that does not take back the lost years, the lost money, the lost opportunities and the lost years of my youth.

    Every tool and technique at the institute was a means used to brainwash and control someone not remove it!


    1. Dude, you have a really big problem about not blowing your pictures.

      To go on and on about discrediting someone with such passion, you must have hit a lot of energy and could not destroy the picture. Wine and go on as you may like a little child. The truth is you are stuck and blaming someone else for not doing it for you.

      I am not saying this out of love or respect for anyone here, look at the laws of the universe and they will tell you.

      Like I said before, Lewis did not say he was god, but he did say he was a spiritual teacher, very different. Get a grip on yourself and grow up and take responsibility for your own actions.

    2. Ah "Dude" are you a physicist or other hard core scientist who has a degree in the hard sciences and can elucidate on exactly what "law" you are talking about?

      Probably not! Most people who have ended up taking these classes and bought it hook line and sinker have no real knowledge in their heads.

      And once again, Ad Hominimeum ad nauseum ad infinitum. The responses from so the Psychic and New Age crowd are so trite, facile and full of bs it isn't a challenge any longer.

      Nope dude, you are really not worth any effort at all any longer. I know how you think, why you think that way and how you got there.

      Hmm.. now that gives me an idea worth writing about.

      Enjoy your shallowness and smallmindedness in your empty and pedantic responses.


  5. "Forgive and Forget" seems pretty presumptuous coming from someone who admits she doesn't know Lewis Bostwick or has had anything to do with him (and likely had little experience with BPI either).

    I'd imagine that commenter has not been in an abusive or exploitative relationship. Would this person simply be able to turn away, "forgive and forget" when the relization finally washes over them that they were used and abused?

    Or would that person turn to a therapist? Would that therapist listen patiently for an hour and dispense the helpful advice "well, just forgive and forget" before thrusting his hand out for his fee and tossing you out the door?

    Those who personally experienced Lewis Bostwick and his crazier graduates can speak volumes of the abuse and mistreatment they suffered. Much more than a few suffer after-effects such as PTSD, insomnia, depresion, axiety and more.

    Jeff is performing his civic duty and his moral obligation to warn prosective members of BPI of the practices that occour behind closed doors (and the practices at BPI continue even after Bostwick's death). He has not only made his story public but has provided a forum for others who suffered similarly to make sense of the experience and begin the healing process.

    I'll be sure to pass on your advice to "forgive and forget" to those who are experiencing PISD, depression, anxiety and insomnia. I'm sure they will appreciate your thoughful and compassionate advice.

  6. Somebody has sour grapes.

    Rt. Rev. Lewis Bostwick has helped a great deal of people. It is easy to write something and sway it towards a negative. Especially when you are not interested in researching proof further than your own agenda. That is just bad science.

    He was a wonderful man who taught free will, choice and forgiveness. Something you might consider for yourself. You seem to know a great deal about them, which indicates that you obtained trust under false pretenses. That sounds a bit immature and has symptoms of emotion issues.

    As to your comment about Scientific Investigation; you incorrect in your poorly researched statements. Science has also proven Lewis correct through many organizations and research facilities that exist across the United States and Europe. You obviously didn't research very much, except what you wanted to find, and then you stopped looking.

    There is a great deal of evidence to negate all the "issues" you have raised. You are a poor researcher with little or no actual facts to support any of your theory.

    In addition, the government was listening. There is proof to that as well. There were students that were FBI agents, and acknowledge that simple fact. There are other areas of proof, but, again, you stopped looking when you got what you wanted.

    Lewis did not have emotional issues, other than what is normal for anyone running an organization that helps the sick, teaches spiritual growth and counsels those in need.

    I remember you Jeffery. You didn’t like that you were not part of the inner circle of the church. You also did not like those “psychic” people pointing out that you would not own your space and that you were a space invader. You prefer other people’s space to your own. You are unhappy because you got called on your games. As retaliation, you are now using a website to act out your tantrum.

    What is worse, you came into the safe environment where spiritual growth was taught and you had your own agenda to destroy it. You were a spy, Jeffrey. You violated the sanctuary of the church.

    BPI is the seminary for the Church of Divine Man. Find that bolt in your own eye before you try to destroy others for what they see.

  7. I'm sure Jeff will dispatch your post quite handily without my help, but I have to say:

    Cyn, can you prove, show, demonstrate one instance of real "help" from BPI? I doubt it--it's all invisible--I feel better, I feel love, I see angels, I am more powerful. These are all subjective and unverifiable. It's nice that you feel them, but they aren't a persuasive argument to anyone outside your head.

    Jeff is jealous of not being inner circle? I've been in lots of metaphysical groups and power hierarchies and I'll tell you one thing I've seen over and over: those with kind hearts and questioning minds are NEVER EVER admitted to the inner circle, because such good people cannot be trusted by scammers to keep the scam secret. They are ALWAYS exploited and kept at arm's length, so if this was the case at BPI, it is to Jeff's credit.

    Finally, why does what is said on this site disturb you if it isn't true? Don't come to this blog if you think it is so bad, or if you do come, come prepared to prove your points, not just make unsupported comments.

  8. That is your brain on BPI.

    Any questions?

  9. I was at BPI for many years. The first thing you should know is that these people saved my life, by teaching me how to heal myself, with clear vision, compassion and humor.

    Lewis had the gift. He taught us all how to clear our minds, that is, how to keep others from getting into our heads or imposing their will on us, or trying to control us. In that sense, BPI was the ultimate anti-cult. The students consisted of nurses, county administrators, artists, and myself, a computer programmer. We were there to grow and we did.

    One time I walked in there with one of my fellow programmers. He was Vietnamese. Without any intro, Lewis walked up to him, and said "your brother ... (yes) ... he's still in Viet Nam ... (yes)... he's in a POW camp .... (yes) .... he's very weak, be strong my friend". My friend was in tears.

    Another time, Lewis walked up to a fellow student, and nice young girl, and said "I wish I had your money" (which was funny because Lewis had plenty). She said "what are you talking about, I'm flat broke". He just smiled and went on his way. About five years later, long after she had left BPI, she married one of the richest guys in Sonoma County CA, and THATS a lot of money.

    I could go on .... for those who understand spirit, this is all quite natural and demystified. For those who do not understand spirit, we will smile and say hello with love and amusement. So keep your mind sharp everybody, always ask questions, cherish those who teach you HOW to think and see, and watch out for people who try to teach you WHAT to think. Have fun everybody.

  10. Two comments for you anon,

    What you described Lewis doing with the Vietnam individual was a cold reading and he was leading the man. You even stated it in your post. Some truth, pure conjecture!

    Second, the woman who married the wealthy man, this is a post hoc error. It is not proof that Lewis forsaw the future. It cannot be proven or validated by any means.

    Nuff said, enjoy your delusions.

  11. Correction, my mistake the prediction regarding the woman, although somewhat of a post hoc error it is more a non-sequitoror or far fetched hypothesis.

    Sorry you just cant connect the two!

  12. Anonymous, why don't you say who you are? With your sunny outlook and inspiring story, why don't you want to be identified with your viewpoint?

    Jeff doesn't even go far enough in demolishing your comments.

    First of all, what Bostwick said to the Vietnamese man was typical "psychic reader" b.s. I'm not saying Bostwick even realized he was b.s.-ing the man--many readers have been convinced by other dissociated individuals that they really have "psychic powers." I once thought, while I was in Scientology, that I could read people psychically--it is a bit arrogant and completely unprovable, but not necessarily evil to think oneself that powerful on the basis of random "perceptions."
    For all me know, some people may be able to read another person's subconscious by subtle observation.

    Anyway, what he said he could easily have heard from other students or the man himself, and the part about "your brother is very weak," is kind of lame, isn't it? If Bostwick had asserted that a p.o.w. was "having the time of his life," that would have been newsworthy and, if proven true, amazing!

    Psychics pour out a load of observations and predictions and we pick the ones we want to believe and remember. That has been proven in research studies. That you offer such tenuous and unconvincing examples of "psychic power" just shows that you have no better evidence, or you would surely offer it.

    I have been told by psychics, "you were burned as a witch." In talking with women friends, I found many of them thought they too had been burned as witches. I've been told, "you are psychic yourself" or "you are a starchild, not from this planet originally." If you do a survey of people who have consulted a psychic, you will find that 90% of them have been told both those things. Sound familiar, anonymous?

    Your last paragraph is a minor miracle of sweet-sounding condescencion and malice. I think your initials are R.T. And I'll predict something: the more Jeff and I and Mike and others post the truth about SOTI, the more you will continue to "smile and wave" with gritted teeth and suppressed anger.

    Am I psychic or what?

  13. With respect, you need help jeff

  14. So I need help? Wow that from someone who won't leave their name or make any direct comment about any mistake in my assessment. I am calling the behavior as I see it, I am the little boy yelling "look the emperor has no clothes". Yet the people who flock to these places will stand up and villify the victim, saying that the one who is critical is insane, has problems needs to get over it, blah, blah, blah, ad nauseum, ad infinitum.

    Do yourself a favor anonymous, spend some time around people with serious mental health issues than come back and tell me some things about Lewises behavior. You will see a lot of similarities. Listen to those people on youtube who talk about their halucinations because they are Bipolar. YOu will come back with a very different perspective.

    Right now you are just showing me that you are a cult follower deep in the mire of BPIdom and holding Lewis up to some candle he doesn't deserve.

    Also remember, Lewis was a former Scientologist, that is a FACT! And he based almost everything in the institute on Scientology.

    Get your head out of the sand.

  15. I studied at a psychic center that was an offshoot of BPI run by some of Lewis' students. It was a good situation for me in the end. At the beginning, I was probably close to clinically insane (paranoia mostly). I learned a lot during my time there. In the end, it was difficult to break from the organization, and I can definitely see how it could be labeled a cult, as there was a lot of manipulation and delusion going on. It took a while to sort some things out, but in the end I'm glad I did it. From my point of view, the manipulation is part of the process - to truly own your free will, you need to fight for it. Sovereignty is not granted, it can only be recognized.

  16. Anonymous, I respect the way you have shared your experience honestly.

    I also feel I gained some insights and strength of will from my time in Scientology, but please consider that some, maybe most people, are not that psychologically strong. Many people can't "fight" for their free will because of early childhood damage or some other factors. Manipulation and delusion are not an ordinary part of life, imo, they are the tools of individuals and groups who profit off human weakness. They should not be tolerated.

    Actually, I felt like you did until I started reading the stories on an ex-scientologist forum; then I came to feel that even if I had come through relatively unscathed, even benefited in small ways, I have to speak out against a group that caused considerable harm to many others. That's why I post here and on the other forums.

  17. it is an anti cult not occult. BPI helps you to clear your mind and remove blockages. Of course you mix psychology with psychic. it just doesn't mix. those are two different fields that don't understand each other. anything that will help a person gain peace of mind is good.

  18. Ah another individual who has had their mind perverted by the "trancing" techniques taught at these place.

    My friend (which I say sarcasticly) the BPI tech in no way gives you or brings you peace of mind. It breaks you from the normal stream of conciousness and dissociates one from the normal way of living. It is perverse and leads one down a rabit hole to a crazy realm. Or worse!

    It can lead you to fall under the sway of people like Bill Duby or L R Hubbard. Yes, the same techniques one learns at the institute are used by these perverse men Bill learned from Lewis, and Lewis learned from Scientology and perhaps from L R Hubbard himself. I can only speculate.

    I will do a post on a so called "miracle" that took place a long time ago. I recently had to "pay it forward" and deal with the long dissociated feelings and thoughts I had dissociated from by using the "tools".

    by the way, all of the tools are actually based interestingly enough on true occultism. Years ago when I was studying it (reading about it) I found some interesting things which "mirrored" the teachings in the church. I dismissed them at the time, but something kept brewing in my mind about them. Something which has now caused me to throw out all of my old books on false spirituality, magic, psychism, occultism and the works of Gurus who have one thing in common. To make money for themselves!



  19. I can understand your feelings and I think if it is therapeutic to do what you are doing with your online activity regarding your time with BPI and related, Lewis inspired organizations, then that is good. I think that it may be valuable for others who are wanting to break or distance from one of these organizations to have their experiences and feelings, insights and perceptions validated...
    I myself was involved for a number of years with InVision, which was once the Midwest Psychic Institute, run by Ken Jones who was once a student of Lewis'. I find it very helpful to hear people's insights about the "tools," and the whole phenomenon of stream of conscious projection which is what is happening in 90% of the "readings" that people pay for. I myself came to InVision because I was having some intense psychic experiences that I wanted to have support to help me live with and understand a little better... My psychic abilities- ie my abilities to see clearly what was going on with another person, actually sharply diminished as a result of the tools and techniques at InVision, because Ken and the teachers seemed to actively pick on, alienate, and scapegoat those who were truly extra insightful or psychic, and encourage them to dumb down and laugh at the dumb jokes (to "raise vibration" with the infallible AMUSEMENT) talk in the jargon, whether you made sense or even understood what was coming out of your mouth or not, and passively accepted and listened. I had to at least pretend to look up to the teachers, all of whom really could not function outside of InVision. The women were almost all unhealthy and overweight by 60+ pounds, and they encouraged those who weren't to become so by "eating tons and tons of sugar" which they claim is the only food to help with a "growth period".
    I kid you not.
    So Jeff I empathize with your anger and sense of violation, betrayal, and loss. It has been helpful for me to read, and even to write this. At the same time, it is still dominating your life to be spending so much time and energy on it- and I hope you (and I) can one day be truly free of this madness.

  20. Ian,

    In all due respect, it is not dominating my life to the extent you might think. However, one of the reasons I continue to write is to educate people regarding cults and cult involvement. Cult and cult involvement is a personal battle and one I have chosen to take on. Although the institute is now more a part of my past, the battle continues with education, personal experiences, stories and being an assistance to others who fell prey to the con works of these places.

    For most people, it is simply important to move forward and put what happened in the past. For me because of my family, over 30 years of cult involvement from EST to the Sterling Institute of Relationship the Berkeley Psychic Institute and a psychotic eppisode, my life is geared towards ridding the world of these places, both small and large.

    On many levels, Ian I am free from what has happened to me. It took a lot of true introspection and imense cognitive work. Also one of my saving graces was discovering true meditation techniques (Zazen) which has helped me deeply. Although there is a lot of anger in some of my writings, if you read through it, you will find that over time, it has dissipated. I am not as angry or rageful today as I used to be. But that does not stop me from being enraged at what happened and happens to people all the time.

    Ian, please do not make a judgement about my state of mental health. It is disrespectful. I am glad this has helped you heal and move forward that means a lot to me, but at the same time, please be sensitive about what you say to others. I do get that you are not directly attacing me, nor do I detect any malice from your writing, just a simple caring for someone who has gone through a similar situation. Remember, we all have differing motivations and reasons for what we do. Finding our way out of these messes is what is important. Sharing our stories is a huge part of the healing process.



  21. Hello again,

    I just reread my comment and I'm not sure that part of it set you off, I genuinely feel respect and sympathy for your plight with all this. It is not a put down to acknowledge the obvious and understandable anger contained in this blog. It is a healthy reaction to what you have experienced and endured, and I in no way doubt the work and progress you have made in your life.
    I hear you, about this being a personal battle you have chosen to take on, and that freedom is different for each person... "ridding the world" of anything definitely is not something I personally am interested in in embarking upon.
    All the best to you!

  22. I attended classes at BPI about 15 yrs. ago. I observed that there were a few strange folks there in leadership positions and that it possibly could be a cult. My own experiences at BPI were all positive. The folks I thought to be strange all stayed away from me without any effort on my part. 20 yrs. prior to my taking classes at BPI I met Lewis at the house in Berkeley that served as the institute in the early years. I went there once seeking answers to problems that were overwhelming me at the time, I was disappointed in the three women who performed the reading. None of it made the least bit of sense to me and they seemed to be frustrated with my lack of interest and belief in what they were saying. Then Lewis walked in, introduced himself and began "reading" me. Two things he said I will share with you. He told me "Oh, you don't gamble do you?" I said no I don't and he commented "of course not, you're very lucky and most lucky people don't gamble, but you would be good at it". He also told me that I would come back someday. When I said he was wrong he just smiled and said "Yes, you will". Well I still don't gamble and never really had an interest in it. About 6 mos.after the reading I was visiting friends on the East Coast and had run low on money so remembering what Lewis had told me I suggested to my friends that we all go to Atlantic City. I hit the slots after just 3 pulls and $1.50 and won $500. 20 yrs. later I found myself taking healing and meditation classes at BPI without making the connection at first, perhaps due to the new location. I didn't believe any of the things Lewis told me that first meeting, but time and Atlantic City proved him right on about 80% of his predictions. I was not charged for that reading, I had been given a cassette tape of the reading done by the women and left a small donation but I never listened to it and still haven't a clue about what they were talking about. Lewis would not allow his portion to be recorded, but over the next few years, as those things he had spoken to me of came to pass, I remembered what he had told me. You may be right about BPI, I really don't know. But if your blog helps someone else to not go through what you experienced, then its worth it. But, I wonder if there are far more people out there who benefited from their experience at BPI. I know I did, but I wasn't welcomed by the "strange" folks and I'll thank God for that, and, Lewis for helping and preparing me for a very difficult time in my life, and the happiness that was to follow. Even though I didn't really grasp his help at the time, his advice may have saved my life. I wish you the very best and am glad you have been able to heal your heart and soul after being so terribly betrayed. But I believe in miracles.

  23. Wow, you need proof but would debunk it if it stared you in the face, therefore you'll NEVER have it. I went to BPI and graduated the Clairvoyant program in the late eighties. I relearned to use my own abilities to heal myself, others and better understand the world around me, to see for myself what is really there. Is that so terrible? Many others have done the same. No cult here other than that BPI doesn't fit into the mainstream view of religion. You do realize that Psychology is about as much of an exact science as what Lewis taught don't you? and that tearing others down is usually a sign of ones own feelings of inadaquecy and insecurity? Look it up. Lewis never wanted to be a guru or have people think like he did, he wanted people to see and think for themselves. I knew him, saw him, talked with him. Once, at the Santa Rosa church, I broke my leg tripping over a rolled up carpet. I heard and felt it snap and screamed in intense pain. Two ministers ran over and started spiritually working on me. Five minutes later I got up and walked without difficulty. Any scientific or psycholgical explanation. No? There isn't one, just as there isn't one as to how Stonehenge or the Easter Island staues came to be, but there they sit. Open your eyes, your mind, wake up. I know you won't but I had to try. I'm sure that Lewis is quite amused at all this and the thought makes me smile, no matter how mean spirited you nay sayers become.

  24. Psychology is becoming more and more of an exacting science with each decade! And now you want to say that someone who is tearing someone else down is about feelings of inadequacy and insecurity? Ah you cant cherry pick! You can read that in one of my other blog posts.

    Although I could tear appart your things about Stonehenge and Easter Island, I am just going to let it sit as a prime example of someone who has not done his homework and is just spouting gibberish. Your information is so highly innacurate and biased in so many ways.

    No critical thinking on your part, NADA!


    Come back when you have something of value to contribute or argue a point that can be backed up by something other than your own opinion.

  25. So tearing someone down has nothing to do with ones own feelings of insecurity and inadequacy..I'm sure the bullies, child and wife abusers will be relieved to hear that...I'm so glad that I don't know more about psychology than you do...your opinion of what value my comments contribute is of no use to me..what did you just use to tear down my comment other than your OPINION? You can't win an arguement with someone who is both smarter than and able to read you( which of course you contend can't be done)( again your opinion)and has the time and inclination to bother with it. I don't have the third part. Its a waste of time talking to those that can't hear, and I've wasted enough time with you. So, keep wasting yours trying to debunk the truth, that wall will get awfully bloody if you keep banging your head against.Nobody has anything to prove to you so get over it. Matt

  26. Matt,

    I take it you cant take cricticisms and I can be exceptionally harsh. I will admit that first and foremost. Especially with those who support places like BPI or SRF. They give nothing of value to people and yet they tell everyone that they

    Now you are just trying to play a victim card. Sorry I don't buy it. You might try backing up your point with some solid evidence, or not its your choice. You say opinion, but when examining your arguments against logical fallacies and established standards of critical thinking they fall down hard. Go at my argument, not at me. Ultimately when you attack me you are doing nothing more than attacking my character which is truly a lazy mans way of dealing with life.

    Oh and you are playing a Know it all card as well. Sorry but everything you put out can be ripped apart and dissected and shown for its lack of critical thought

  27. OH by the way, Lewis wanted and desired power. I know that for a fact, he was the real bully and he tore a lot of people apart repeatedly. I saw it, heard about it and was the brunt of it a few times.

    Lewis didn't want to be a Guru? Show me the proof!


  28. Proof of what he didn't want? Not provable. It's OK for you to attack his character but I should leave yours alone? Thats critical thinking all right. You see or you don't. If you don't that doesn't mean you have to tear down those who do. I don't need to defend Lewis, what he did is it's own record. However, when you come along wanting to twist and skew the truth I feel an urge to let you know that someone knows better. Remember I was there also, I saw what I saw and lived what I lived and apparently had a very different experience than you did. I can't waste time in a long and pointless argument over something that neither of us will change our view of. Anyway, good luck with your crusade, although you really are banging your head against the wall. Matt

  29. I have taken classes at the BPI in Berkeley off and on since 1992. I learned really helpful meditation skills there which have served me well over the course of my life.

    I looked up the word cult in the New Webster's Dictionary and it says, "A system of religious worship, especially with reference to it rites and ceremonies; a sect adhering to a common ideology, doctrine or leader." It seems like others use the word the way the popular press does ~ as if to insinuate that it is something negative and dirty. I wish more people looked words up in the dictionary before using them inappropriately. I can't speak for Lewis, but it seems that by the dictionary definition, he would probably agree that BPI and CDM are cults ~ much like every other organized church! :)

    In addition to the six week classes that I took there, the spiritual midwives were an amazing source of strength and support for me during the pregnancy and birth of my two children, born eleven years apart. The spiritual midwives are strong, healthy, smart women who offer an amazing service to pregnant and birthing mothers and their children.

    As a non-Christian, I was always welcomed as a student and encouraged to believe in the God or Goddess of my own heart. I found unprecedented religious freedom at BPI. The "staff" have always been very open and non-limiting when I was around. Lewis was always helpful to me. Helpful, pleasant, funny, and wise ~ as were the other people who served as my teachers whilst I was taking classes there. I will remember him fondly and always have gratitude in my heart for the information that I learned from BPI.

    Peace be with you. I hope you get the answers you seek and that you are satisfied with the results of your efforts on this blog. I agree that is sad that you spend time spewing ugliness about a dead man, and wish you the best.

  30. "Lewis didn't want to be a Guru? Show me the proof!


    Not to mention his license plate said "A GURU". I think he may have been protesting a little too much. :-)

  31. Fyi I googled "god of your heart" which is a turn of phrase Lewis probably got from AMORC (the Rosicruicians).

  32. Experience what is inside.
    Im glad you got the hell out of here lewis.

  33. I'm sorry that some people had a negative experience with BPI. I had both experiences, good and bad. I was lucky enough to know what was true for me and dismiss the rest. I also saw how some people were treated unfairly by other members and in result they left. But those like me, I had benefited from it. If I felt a staff member or teacher had a problem with me and believe me there were one or two, it wasn't my problem. I was there to learn and work energy in my own space. Eventually I left because I got what I needed out of it. I heard about so the so called "withdrawals" of leaving BPI. When I decided to leave they didn't hold me back. I actually met with teachers to help me separate from the church.

    Jeffery, I don't think you are wrong in creating a blog about your personal experiences you had. I never knew Lewis and I heard of stories about him - good and bad. People from BPI are taught to let people be where they are at, so those who are reacting negatively should check themselves and use their tools.

    I will tell you how interesting it was when Scientology opened in downtown Mountain View, Southbay BPI picked up and moved to another building.

    Blessings to all.

    1. I agree that Jeffery, not only are you not "wrong" but I find it very helpful and positive for there to be a forum to explore and well, vent about the darker side of BPI and other schools and communities that use these methods and techniques. I have never known any spiritual school with any significant numbers to not have a dark side to it, including (but not limited to) Buddhism... There are tales, accusations, and claims of abuse in every single system, if you look deeply enough. It all becomes particularly troublesome when we feel we are not allowed to communicate about our questions, objections, areas of discomfort and revolt. I too studied at one of the BPI satellites (in the mid west) for a number of years- the director of the school I attended was a student of Lewis' a number of years ago) and I recognize some of the strange and repressive atmospheres described in this blog by people in positions of power in the hierarchy of the psychic school I attended. I have ultimately grown to understand that this is human nature, and I have even found that the "tools," as taught in that system, can be and have been very helpful when dealing with these behaviors in our fellow human beings, in or out of the psychic school, and in so doing starting to "clear" or evolve out of those behaviors, as well as the resistance of them ourselves. Many schools (including Christianity and Buddhism) teach of the wisdom of non-resistance. Psychic teach "tools" in order to achieve that state, which is certainly not easy! When we feel threatened, it is natural or human to resist what appears to be the source of the threat, but if we engage in that natural process, a negative chain of events will likely ensue.
      Ironically, that process is not particularly helpful in "fitting in" or climbing up the hierarchy of a psychic school (which has been structured by Bostwick's insights and methods.) It's an imperfect system to be sure- and not even a century old- though in my opinion not without its merits and helpful offerings.
      I too have an MA as well as an MS in Psychology, and I have come to understand that there is not a single method that does not have a dark side- always, if you look, there are people with claims, objections, and accusations of abuse against each and every school, approach, or system.
      Some are obviously worse than others, and my sense is that BPI is "worse" (or perhaps less evolved as systems go) than the school I attended, as the claims of betrayal and abuse to not seem to be as prevalent, or as bitterly injured in tone. (This is merely an impression, and without polling each and every student anonymously, there is not way to know for sure.)
      Impressions matter, and affect perception which affect reality. This is, in essence, what I find so helpful healing, and conducive to growth in a psychic school-- it's a place where people can (begin to) allow their impressions to matter, then explore them more deeply (are they mine, or someone else's, or ultimately, does it matter? Can I choose my impressions) Choosing one's own impressions is a science and an art, and not without inner and outer conflict.

      I think it's good to have a place to express these feelings, and hopefully these Lewis schools of psychic development are reading and listening, or they will have no hope of evolving into something more helpful and less harmful. Hopefully those schools will continue to not go the Scientology route of punishment and threats, violence and harassment to those of us who question the efficacy and perfection of a (hopefully) evolving system, or they will likely fall and perish as those who have felt very harmed by these approaches and "techniques" hope for them.
      All the best to all who read this.

    2. Each person must decide for themselves where the line between the healthy venting of negative feelings/experiences, seeking of support, and the rehashing and reinforcement of that negativity lies. After all, that is one of the upsides of being an adult! Decisions and choices, and the ability to follow them up with action.

    3. Hello Anonymous,

      In their proper contexts, i.e. hypnosis, the technqiues have value and validity. I have used them very infrequently over the years of my life and each time found them wanting. A few times it was helpful in recovering from specific problems, but mostly the "tech" left me recovering the next day. What was called the "growth period."

      I remember I had to go to a daytime meeting once when I was working graveyard shift. I actually used the "tech" before hand and slipped into a hypomanic state for a brief period of time. The next night I was exhausted and could barely function. Thankfully I recovered quickly and got back on my feet again.

      The abuse potential for those who have learned these things is especially high. Especially if one becomes highly self absorbed. Thats why I favor leaving things like hypnois and trance in the hands of the professionals and not in the hands of the uneducated and irrational.

  34. While I agree with, or empathize with every word you have said-- I personally have not experienced that type of after-effect from any of the experiences of the "tools" taught at the psychic school I attended. I know and can appreciate that each person is an individual, and so is their brain chem and reactions to things they experience. To imply or insinuate that all people have the same experience of the tools taught in Boswick inspired schools is erroneous, though.
    I feel I should point out that the last sentence is full of the assumption, as well and type of character assassinations you have warned that BPI members are practicing and harming people with. I don't support that, regardless of context.
    While I cannot attest to the level of education or rational abilities of those people you cite from your past at the BPI, I can say that there were many truly intelligent and educated individuals in the community at the psychic school I attended... The propensity to abuse power is neither augmented or diminished by formal education-- there are numerous studies that prove this, (although sadly many do use their degree from a particular institution as tool of entitlement to engage in presumptuous, mean-spirited, or abusive behavior.) Money and social status (often dictated by gender, race, or creed historically in most societies) are also commonly used for this purpose. The psychic schools seem to offer a structure different to the one society offers at large, so access to an abusive form of power is available to most who pay for it in obedience. It can also be an opportunity to evolve, or graduate from that propensity for people who are stifled by the confines that are present in their particular culture or society (ie, not all people have the same access to power in most cultures, so what to do with that power is then a non issue...)

    Hopefully people who are given power of any sort, eventually see that the power to cut others down-- to invalidate their existence and/or value based on their own limited perception of reality, (no matter how "objective" or "factual" we try to be or claim to be, we are limited to our own relative experience, as human beings!)
    Tho if not, those people will be particularly incited by those engaging in the same abuses of power.

    C'est la vie

  35. I studied with a graduated student of BPI in LA and later attended Invision, run by a past graduated student of BPI. In both instances, I found the tools they taught to be very helpful and healing. But also in both instances, I found a teacher or 2 to be abusive. Both times it was very traumatic to be mistreated by a "spiritual" teacher. In my opinion, the tools are valuable but it seems as though some of the teachers' egos get in the way. At Invision, if you didn't fit into the mold, you were made to feel like a failure. I found a lack of compassion, which should be in Abundance at a spiritual school. I have just taken the tools and moved on with my life. Never to return.

    1. Good assessment...not a lot of care was taken to prevent damage that some teachers could do, and yes, the tools are invaluable.

  36. As a therapist, I am disappointed to see the writer give a diagnosis on a web site. The power that a therapist has needs to be carefully handled and not abused. Secondly, as someone who has studied science, one cannot say beings and spirit guides do not exist. What kind of scientific test can tell you that? All you can say is there has not been a test devised that can disprove it. That is science. BPI has its problems. It reminds me of Scientology, EST and Werner Erhard and the forceful programming that was popular in the 60's and 70's. However, not all of it is bad, and a balanced perspective would take that into account, as well as be more careful about being so presumptuous.

    1. Hello,

      First I highly suspect that you are not a therapist or someone who has much background in science. It is also a bit clear that you never attended or took any of the classes or have read much of my blog. Let us start with Lewis and my assessment of him.

      Lewis was in the public eye, and as such his behavior, motivations and actions need to be addressed. It is clear from both my interaction with them man and from the observations of others which take into account only his behavior and not their own assumptions, that Lewis had some serious mental health issues.

      Lewis also was involved with Scientology. I can validate this and so have his family and many others. Much of what he learned in Scientology was used to form the basis of the teachings of the institute. This then begs the question, why would a so called "spiritual teacher/guru" use hypnosis (trancing) in his teachings and why would he be charging so much for his classes. It also begs the question, why is it always about money in the church/institute. If you didn't have money or could pay for classes, you were eventually escorted to the door or asked to leave. I saw this firsthand and knew it happened.

      Then in regards to science. It is not sciences responsibility to disprove the existence of something such as spirits and ghosts, it is the responsibility of the one making the claims to back it up. The fact remains that there is no evidence to support their existence whatsoever. Often "evidence" is nothing more than anecdotal, the writings of others who are highly suspect, religious texts and or "personal subjective experiences" which cannot be corroborated or validated externally. In these later circumstances they are most likely due to hallucinations or delusions.

      You say presumptuous, you are trying to do is shift the burden of proof to my court. Once again, it is not my job to disprove, it is the one who makes the claims to back it up with hard core scientific evidence. If you cannot do so than you are just expressing mere opinion which bears no true empirical weight.

      By the way, I was involved with EST and I met and knew Werner Erhard to a degree. The similarities between EST and BPI/CDM are quite profound. The only real difference is that EST used the business model and BPI/CDM used the religious model.

      Both Werner and Lewis were very egotistical people. They "knew" they had the answers. However, under a lot of scrutiny and evaluating their teachings and methodology, it is clear that they have no substance to their teachings. No true scientific evidence either hard or soft can back up what they teach or purport to be valid. Both of them also hated boundaries, could not tolerate criticisms and did not like being scrutinized.

      You say that not all of it is bad and a balanced perspective is needed. Please bring up some valid points which I can address or you can point out. The meditation technique is a form of self hypnosis and cannot be called meditation in the proper sense as traditional/legitimate meditation does not involve altering ones consciousness. The "mythology" is exactly that a mythology.

      Thank you


  37. Let it go guys, you can’t argue with the cold, black, dead heart of a Freudian, encased as it is in the full-metal-jacket of double denial; they don’t believe in their own denial, therefore it can’t exist. Triple actually; they deny they’re Freudians, while exactly duplicating his unquestioned assumptions and mistakes, devotedly carrying on his self-described paranoid, diviniphobic crusade against “the creeping, black mud tide of spiritualism.” They insist on sharing their self-doubt like someone who doesn’t cover their mouth when they cough.
    If you’re going to post to this junk-science blog, I suggest you do it anonymously. Since he posts Bostwick family information to encourage other stalkers, it’s obvious he’s a sick man. He describes himself as a spy who accuses Louis of being paranoid because he thinks he’s being spied on. His PhD is probably a delusion. Like most people with a latent psychosis, he probably avoids any kind of in-depth analysis (or self-reflection even) like the plague. I can only assume he’s hoping someone will stop him, since he can’t stop himself.
    If you’ve spent any amount of time at BPI, you’ve probably noticed he’s left out about 2/3 of Louis’s life story, obvious stuff everyone knows. Clearly his spying was just a front for his destructive urges. He can’t even figure out when Louis was born.
    I’m no fan of the Bostwicks, but for someone to conclude: schizophrenics hear voices, therefore all psychics are schizophrenic, is pathetically infantile. That’s like saying: Freud faked his research, therefore all psychiatrists and psychologists fake their research (they don’t need to, they just study things that don’t matter; nobody’s threatened and they can keep their tenure). Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who believe just the reverse; psychics hear voices, therefore schizophrenics are misunderstood psychics.
    Has BPI caused damage and suffering? Well, sure, all churches do, including the atheists (that devout, militantly evangelical Protestant church that came out of the French Revolution, which rejected everything except the religious devotion to protest). They’ve also given many people hope and encouragement, and at the very least, taught most of their students how to laugh at their own foibles. Does that “mean” the Bostwicks are insane? Of course not. Like any church; join in, get some new experiences, and then get out. That’s actually all Lou ever really insisted on. In this age of spiritual poverty (largely thanks to Freud and the French) the churches are the only place we can get certain experiences. The bigger ones cause a lot more damage than BPI could have, even if they’d tried. Did they consciously set out to do harm? From my experience, and I spent a lot of time at their home, I believe they genuinely had good intentions. Was Louis unstable? Well sure, I’ve never met a stable human being.
    I have no intention of defending or promoting CDM/BPI; Louis was not anti-intellectual, the church and institute have certainly become so. But I do give credit where it’s due. Louis’s techniques were derived originally from the rigorous, empirical science of Carl Jung. Jung was openly very critical of Theosophy and Madame Blavatsky. Louis took the position of, well, what if I came up with specific techniques designed to address each of these criticisms? The viability of each of the techniques aside, I consider his attempts praiseworthy, commendable. And it was at BPI that I first learned how to focus my attention. Was Louis, and is Susan and now Dawn Rose caught in a loop of their own metaphors? Sure, but what school of psychotherapy isn’t also? Everyone seems to make the mistake of confusing their perceptions with their conclusions about them, their stories about “why.”
    For more, watch for my about-to-be-published dissertation for my third PhD., called My Name Is Nobody, about restoring critical historical accuracy to our understanding of psychotherapy and letting go of culturally imposed self-doubt.
    Don’t bother to respond to this post, I won’t be returning to this junk-science blog to read it.

    1. Dear Anonymous, I am not responding to you, but making a statement in regards to your post.

      This person did not know Lewis, his statements are not backed up by anyone who has done any level of background research into Lewises history. It also completely does not address the fact that Lewis was a former Scientologist and his teachings and the "mythologies" of the institute mirror those teachings.

      This is also not a science blog. Making this statement is throwing a red herring into the mix.

      One thing I do want to address is the fact that Lewis was indeed an anti-intellectual. He even stated so in many of his own writings.

      Since I first created this blog, I have had contact with numerous individuals who have gained some real insight into the workings of the church and realized that it was nothing more than a sham. They are glad they got out. They are angry at being taken and having given good money away to a place that gave them nothing. This also includes some graduates who have walked away with a bad taste in their mouth from all they got themselves involved with.

  38. Alright Dr. Nobody! Who are you??? Please come back to the institute and teach, we need you. You could deprogram and retrain the bishops and take this place to a whole new level. God bless you for that post. You're right, BPI is really dumbed-down. Especially Susan B., who is completely controlled by stupid pictures. Somebody convinced her that she's stupid (really she's not) and she sees everything through those pictures. Several of us have been watching this blog for someone with a few brain cells to show up. Most of the people trying to defend Louis or the Church are really lame. What a breath of fresh air your words were. Thank you.

  39. I don't get it...How long did you so a spiritual program? And then your going to nock it down to go be a psychologist...?....Isn't that justifying your want to control others....isn't this whole thing about control?.....I don't think you got the whole spiritual freedom long and you didn't get

    1. For your information I was involved with the institute for about 10 years. Went through several of their so called spiritual programs. Or rather their scams designed to milk people of their money. The programs of the institute are based on Scientology tech and are absolutely worthless.

      And where do you come off with the assumption that I want to control others simply because I want to be a psychologist? What an incredibly asinine assumption.

      Spiritual freedom is a misnomer, it is not real.

      Instead of attacking my character like a true lazy thinker (which you are showing) address my arguments and the points I have brought up about this man (Lewis), his background (Scientology) and his spiritual techniques. (Hypnosis). Until you can do something of that nature, you bring nothing and you are showing me that you are opinionated without any substance to back up your opinion.

  40. I’m a former Church of Divine Man Bishop, and a friend of Dr. Nobody’s (posted 9/14/13) and I agree with everything he said, especially about posting anonymously to this site. I also agree with the person who posted the next piece. I’ve read Dr. Nobody’s transcript for his book and I am extremely impressed. This guy knows what he’s talking about. He’s taught me more about who Louis was, what he did, and where he got his ideas from than Louis did himself. I can verify that Dr. Nobody spent a great deal of time at Louis’s home and knew him fairly well. Louis told me personally about Carl Jung being his main source for ideas, (though certainly influenced by Scientology’s techniques, but that was no secret, he told everyone that. He liked to brag that he was “in the upper echelons of Scientology when they discovered that he’d never taken any of their classes and kicked him out.”)

    At least half the problem with cults is cult followers who need someone to worship, just so they can change their minds and nail him to a couple boards in the sun for vulture food. Then, when he’s dead, they can change their minds again and decide that he was really God, worship the boards he was nailed to and fight over the body parts for holy relics, including the stinking sheet he was wrapped in! Then when the guy’s body is missing, they can say he was resurrected. Cult followers are just as crazy as the guy they pick to worship, and having a group of people decide that you’re God will make anybody crazy.

    This whole nutty game gives spirituality and God a bad reputation and ruins spirituality for everyone else.

    And remember, as Dr. Nobody says in the introduction to his book: “there are situations in life where it’s appropriate to let go of culturally imposed self-doubt and move-like-Sundance, because effortlessness can be as effective as dynamite, especially if the other guy has a stick of it in his pocket” (like Jeffrey here, just take a poke at some of his core pictures and watch him explode!).

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you for the validation that Lewis used the Scientology TECH to form his classes. I have no doubt that many people knew Lewis more than I did but that is not the entire point of this blog.

      This blog is to inform others of the dangers of the church of Divine Man and the fact that it is a cult where people are hypnotized without their knowledge or consent. You don't even address this point.

      In regards to spirituality, it is merely a buzz word which is ambiguous at best. God, is only a man made concept, partially done in an attempt to make sense of a universe and world which does not seem to have any order or reason in it (which it pretty much doesn't).

      Atheism is not a church, never has been, never will be it is merely a "default" point stating that one does not believe in a deity, regardless of its "origin."

      As a former Bishop (and I think I know who you are, but I am not saying anything). You reached the upper Echelons and you saw the corruption and how Susan and Lewis did things on whims. You saw their ethical disengagement. Try to deny it and you are only lying to yourself.

      I was there when the institute hit its peak and then started to decline. I also fell prey to the false belief that we can continue to grow and grow just as our economy did. The insititute is dying a slow death and thanks to real scientific information and advances in communication, the secrets of places like the institute are now under heavy scrutiny.

      Places like the institute appeal to our emotions, not our rational minds, and a desire for answers. But it has none, nothing at all. I have gone over that repeatedly in my blog over and over again. Read a bit more and you will see it.

      I dont' think you will ever be free of the God Delusion, only a few have let go of the BS and moved on.