Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Self Esteem and the false self esteem of psychism

Today, or rather this weekend marks the completion of a major milestone in my life.  I have completed the Masters level coursework (and a lot of doctorate classes) for my PhD in Clinical Psychology.  I have maintained an average of 3.86 GPA.  This has meant a lot of reading writing and synthesis of information from many different resources.  Clinical Psychology is grounded in practical applications which have a scientific basis.  I am proud of my achievement, as I should be!  This was hard work and worth every effort. 

Hard work and effort are the very basis of self esteem.  Now what does this have to do with the institute?  Quite a bit actually.

Recently I came across something a new age psychic wrote about self esteem.  She stated that self esteem is false if is built upon acomplishments.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  She stated further that it is knowing yourself that is the key to self esteem.  She was refering specifically to knowing yourself as an imortal spirit and that self esteem is built on feelings.  Feelings of knowing and certainty.

I have heard this before, many times in the institute, only slightly differently.

Contrary to what many of us believe, high self esteem is not a predictor of good academic performance (or performance in the workplace for that matter) nor does it lead to healthy and positive relationships.  It has clearly been ilustrated that people who achieve good peformance feel good about their acomplishments and build upon them.  Therefor it has been suggested that we stop praising and telling people to feel good about themselves in absract ways. 

Saying "you are special" is very abstract and ambiguous.  The same could be said for telling people that they have incredible abilities because they are imortal souls living physical bodies and have forgotten their abilities.  It is very abstract and leaves you with nothing concrete. Often it is backed up by feeling which come about from going into trance. Associating the process of dissociation and altered states of conciousness with spiritual awareness falls along these same lines.  Telling people that this altered state of conciousness is truth is very harmful to ones well being. 

How is it harmful, let me tell you,

I leads to a sense of superiority and egotism, but nothing backed up by anything solid.  Part of the foundation of Narcissism.

It can lead to strong levels of self absorption, another key point of Narcissism (the main and strongest trait)

It can lead to self isolation if you believe that no one can understand you.

It can lead to paranoia, if you believe that people want to "steal" your knowledge or are out to get you on a psychic level and destroy your creations.  This is something we were told in the institute regularly.

It can impeede your ability to form sound relationships, this is due to not trusting others.  It happend repeatedly at the institute.

The sense of self and self esteem one finds in these delusions are arbitrary and not based on reality.  One should ask, why do people like Lewis and Susan call themselves bishops and have doctorates?  The reality is that they felt "entitled" to them for the years of psychic practice they have done and the level of ability they have developed.  For more than 30 years, they have done their "things" but has it produced any real measurable results?  The answer is clearly NO! 

Not one truly positive, measurable and worthwile thing can be said to come out of the institute.  They say that they have thousands of graduates, but are there any measurable levels of success in their lives from the usage of the tools and techniques.  some have gone on to become psychics and "spiritual teachers" like Michael Tamura, but as I have said before, what measure of success are they evaluating?  They are measuring their success on the number of people who come to their workshops and take their classes.  They are not measuring the effects of what they teach, let me repeat that.


If one were to truly measure the effects of what they teach, the results would be dismal indeed.  All data I have read about psychic abilities are rather dismal.

I know that the knowledge I have is very useful and it is backed up by a lot more than just a testimonial.  I stand on the shoulders of giants like Beck, Kabbat-Zin, Ellis, Bronfenbrenner, Skinner, Pavlov, Bandura, Costa, McCrae, Maslow, Rogers, Fromm, Murray, Sullivan and Mischel to name but a few.  The research backs up the theories and the theories back up the reseach.

The knowledge I once thought I had I realized had no long term value.  Yes it made you feel good and special, but it never gave you anything of substance.  The knowledge I have now, won't necessarily make you feel good if you apply it, but it will help you in the long run. 

I am proud of my acomplishments and my hard work, it is building my sense of self worth and self esteem more than ever.


  1. It is hard to take much of what you write seriously. You don't identify yourself. Much of your information is incorrect. And, your spelling, grammar, and syntax are atrocious. Not sure where you got your PhD, but perhaps it isn't from a reputable institution.

    Please keep up your detective work and blogging - I admit, it is interesting, and hopefully keeps you out of contact with the public - where you might do serious damage.

  2. I dont' identify myself, this from someone who posts anonymously. And much of my information is incorrect you contend.

    Please elucidate and provide direct and empirically sound facts to support your opinion please. Please be very specific and provide direct examples which can be dissected for their veractiy.

    Aside from the spelling and grammar, what other criticisms do you have to offer that bring up any solid point.

    None as far as I can see.

    Oh and by the way, yes my work has already done some dammage, and it has helped those who are looking for answers out of the miasma called the "New Age."

    By the way, in the very near future you can count on a book which will repudate and totally kill anything of any substance almost any psychic or new age "teacher" or guru has to offer.

    by the way; my name is Jeffrey Arthur Watts, a former graduate of the Berkeley Psychic Institute. I worked for them for nearly 2 and a half years in their administration office. I also went up the ladder in the classes. I completed the Teachers Training program and I was condsidering the one to one. Now I wouldn't take these classes if they agreed to pay me back all the money I wasted on the crap they give you.

    Please let us know who you are, all I see in your response is an attack of character, Ad Hominem. A sign of very lazy thinking.


  3. It's funny to see new age idiots like "Anonymous" try to sound morally and intellectually superior because when they do, they fall flat on their face while they give you the finger, then they piss themselves.

    Thank you "Anonymous" for the entertainment.

    Now clean up your mess...

    1. Walden University online... right up there with Harvard and Stanford... Quite proud though, of your 'accomplishments' . Trying to drag down others is easy enough... doesn't even require a bachelor's degree. Has this guy ever finished his Phd? And what do you have to do to get into the program at Walden? Oh yeah... pay them...

    2. And do you have a degree? If so in what area of expertise.

      And yes, I am proud of my hard work with Walden. Online/distance learning is very difficult and Walden demanded a lot. I have not completed my PhD but I have completed my masters portion of the work. I have other plans for school and I will return to Walden when I can to complete my PhD through them.

      Before you make asinine remarks about a school do your research into it. No Walden is not Harvard or Stanford, it is not intended to be, but it is an accredited school. And many of its graduates have jobs in various positions of both power and authority.

      And you say I am pulling others down, back up your claims with some hard core evidence Anon, otherwise you are just attacking my character because you dont' like criticisms

      As someone once said, "If your faith can move mountains, why cant' it stand up to criticism."

      I can take the heat, but evidently you cannot.

  4. Now that we have the real topic back after "Anonymous" tried to wreck the train by pissing on the third rail, let's look at the self-esteem thing.

    There's a theory going around called the Dunning-Kreuger effect. Basically, it says the dumber someone is, the more confident he or she is in their idiocy.

    Here's an example: a guy in Pittsburgh robbed two banks in one afternoon. When he was arrested minutes after his second hold-up, he was heard muttering "But I wore the juice!" over and over. It turned out the robber spread lemon juice on his face, believing it would prevent the security cameras from photographing him.

    The robber's belief in a lemon-fresh countenance gave him the confidence to march into not just one but two banks for a little quick payday, thus giving support to the Dunning-Kreuger theory that idiots rely on confidence, as they can't use brain power.

    So like "Anonymous", those who believe self-esteem comes from feeling "certain" you are a spirit in a body and are endowed with the esteem that emanates from the God of your heart, must rely on the confidence of their beliefs as there is not a damn thing to support them, if they use their God-given talents of thought, reason and understanding.

    If they ever did think their wretched situation through and discover they can't find good foundation for their thoughts, they'd certainly begin to meltdown like a Japanese nuclear reactor.

    I know. I've seen it. I've seen it many times with cult survivors.

    So it doesn't surprise me they'll continue to believe self-esteem requires only the belief they know themselves as spirit and know the God of their heart is the only bright light they need to feel confident and spiritually above the unenlightened.

    Because if they ever discover the truth, they'll end up like all the other cult survivors I've spoken with - angry, depressed, defeated and deeply embarrassed to admit they were taken in a con game.

    But that's the flip side of the Dunning-Kreuger effect: when the unfortunate, ignorant soul becomes not-so-ignorant and reaches a level of competence, they finally realize how stupid they were and they take active steps to improve their lot.

    Tough way to learn but look at it this way: at least you learn something. You really can't say that much about the new age nonsense you hear about.

  5. Mike, you are right. It hurts to admit one was taken in, but at least we are not among those who prefer to remain deluded and manipulated.

    My life is 100% better than it was when I believed SOTI.

    Cheers to all of us!

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